Potty training

This has got to be one of the most dreaded parts of motherhood for me. I was set on the idea that I would buy a potty, put Lydia in knickers and NEVER put another nappy on her (bedtime as an exception). I was determined to deal with the accidents and keep pushing…

😂😂😂 LOL 😂😂😂

So we first tried when Lydia was 20 months. We wanted to either get it done way before her baby sister was born or wait until after. I’d read lots of advice saying to not collide potty training with any other big events going on in the toddlers life.

First attempt

Off I trotted to Asda, potty, toilet seat, toilet step, stickers and shed loads of knickers.

We had already watched ‘Princess Polly uses the potty’ on YouTube countless times before hand so that she had an idea.

We woke up the next morning and I took Lydia’s nappy off, explained about the potty and showed her the amazing teletubbies stickers I had for her when she used the potty. First wee in her knickers, no problem – didn’t make a fuss, put her on the potty explained wees and poos go in the potty. Second wee, same scenario. Third wee she was hysterical dribbling a tiny bit and screaming because she didn’t want to wee. I tried another day of it but she was just getting herself so upset until

She literally burst but always in her knickers. I thought ok, maybe she is too young and she hasn’t grasped it. Admitted defeat and back in nappies.

Second attempt

We waited until Lydia was 2 years and 4 months. Charlotte was 2 months so everything had settled down with new routine etc and we had a week that we had free without nursery or any other plans so thought it would be an ideal opportunity.

On day one we spent the morning explaining about potty training again, watching princess polly and speaking about big girl knickers. We then took Lydia to the shop to choose her own knickers and put them on a 12 noon.

At 1.30 Lydia had a wee in her knickers, I put her on the potty and reminded her that wees need to go in the potty.

At 3pm Lydia had a tiny wee in her knickers but told her Daddy so he put her on the potty and she had her first poo on the potty! We gave her loads of praise and she got a happy stamp and chocolate coin for being such a clever girl.

We continued with this method, whenever she had an accident we would ask her to go on the potty while she got changed and wees and poos on the potty she would get a chocolate coin and happy stamp.

“Do you need a wee wee?” I swear that is all that came out my mouth for a full week! But by asking it’s putting the thought in their mind when they may be otherwise distracted. Keep reminding them they have their big girl knickers/big boy pants on.

By the end of the week Lydia had nailed it! I was surprised how quick she got it this time.

Here is our potty training checklist

• Potty for downstairs

• Toilet seat and step for upstairs

• Lots of knickers

• Happy stamp (Lydia’s nursery give stamps when they have done something good. She gets so excited to show us when she has one so thought this would work as a reward)

• Chocolate coins

• Potty cleaner – we use sticky stopper by nimble. This is also great for toys and high chairs as it kills 99.9% of germs without bleach!

Out and about

It’s always more tricky when out and about. I always try to get Lydia to use the potty before we leave and ask her every 30 minutes or so if she needs the toilet. Admittedly if we are going to be out a while and she is tired I sometimes put a pull up on, but still encourage her to use the toilet. I always find if she has had a pull up on, even for a few hours it will

back track her so try to limit this as much as possible.


Recently Lydia had a sickness bug, we put her in nappy’s for about a week while she had diarrhoea and it was a bit of a challenge getting her back to knickers after. We went back to basics, asked her often to try, gave praise and the odd reward and she’s back on track now.

Our top tips

• be prepared, make sure you have plenty spare clothes.

• Be patient, the more relaxed the child feels the easier they will learn. Calmly explain that wees and poos need to go in the potty when they have an accident.

• Know your child – go through with it but only if your child is ready. If they aren’t, wait a few month and try again.

• Reward! This can be in the form of praise or/and a treat. Lydia would get a happy stamp, chocolate coin and lots of praise in the first week. At the end of the week she got to choose a toy as she had done so well. We then stopped the chocolate coins and stamps but still continue with praise.

• ALWAYS take spare clothes and baby wipes when you go out.

And that’s about it for our potty training journey! Good luck if your about to start yours.


Teething problems

Oh my days you forget all this ever happened but my god aren’t the teething days hard?!

Charlotte finally broke her first tooth last week and I can only hope the next ones come through easier (I know, dreaming aren’t I).

But what we did do was go through so many teething toys/gels/medication and here is what I thought of them!

Sophie the giraffe

100% recommend this. Lydia loved hers so it was one of our first things we put on Charlottes Christmas list! Along with relief for those gummies Sophie squeaks when squeezed to bring a giggle to a crying baby.


No, didn’t make any difference to anything.

Gummee glove teething mit

This is the first teething toy Charlotte held and enjoyed. She could not get enough of it, it was even better that as it is a glove I didn’t have to keep picking it back up and giving it to her. These come in two sizes so we are ready to move up to the bigger size now and I’m sure Charlotte will love it just as much. The teethers are positioned in all the right places and even come with a removable silicone heart that Charlotte also loves using on its own.

Gummee also do more teething products you would be mad to not take a look.



I didn’t think I would rate this at all when I bought it, it just happened to be one of the few bits available at a local store when we NEEDED something so gave it a try. This works amazing, the cooling effect must be such a relief and it was an instant improvement. 100% recommend it!


We try to limit the amount of calpol we use so only gave this when Charlotte was in huge amounts of pain but it works wonders for about 1-2 hours, life saver at bedtime.

Mummy and me giraffe

This is AMAZING for out and about, it comes on a clip so it can’t be thrown on the floor or dropped. The giraffe itself is small and light enough for little babies to hold and explore. This was definitely a winner for us – also if anyone was thinking of getting one you can grab yourself 10% off if you use discount code CHARLOTTE 😊


Anbesol liquid

This is what we expected to be our gold dust as it worked like magic on Lydia however it shows every baby is different as Charlotte hates the stuff – I did have a try myself and must say it does taste disgusting so maybe it’s that? But she screamed every time we tried to use it.


If your weaning this is a great one! Charlotte loves nibbling away on a stick of cucumber, it must really cool those gums down.

We’ve had just under a week of no teething and my god it’s bliss 😅 also this first tiny dot of a tooth is just adorable 😍

Our baby must haves

With so many baby products on the market it’s easy to get drawn into all the clever advertising but what do you really need? And what is a waste of money?

Must haves

1. Ewan the dream sheep

Godsend with both babies, so far (touch wood) Charlotte is following in Lydia’s footsteps and is a perfect little sleeper, wakes for a bottle then straight back to sleep. Is it a coincidence that we have the sheep? I don’t know but it’s not worth ditching it to find out!

Cost: around £30

2. Tommee Tippee perfect prep machine

God send, literally. Takes making a bottle from a long process to a quick and simple few minute job and perfect temperature.

Cost: £125 but can find on offer for around £75

3. Decent bottles

Anti-colic bottles are a must have! We tried some really pretty ones by MAM and were very impressed! You can also sterilise them in the microwave which will be handy for holidays!

4. Mustela

These are my go to baby products, other than occasional Johnson’s baby bath, mustela is what I use on both my girls. It smells delicious and is so gentle on baby skin. We use the bath wash/shampoo, moisturiser and the Baby oil however I’ve heard good things about all their products.

Cost: varies

There are plenty of items that you think are must haves yet you find you’ve not used them and they are sat gathering dust, these were ours.

Don’t bothers

1. Nappy bin

What a waste of money, we bought one with Lydia and probably used it about twice. It’s a hassle to get to grips with the way the bags go in and really it’s no easier than taking a nappy to the actual bin.

2. Steam steriliser

We had one of these with Lydia and when she was poorly the health visitor recommended changing to cold water tablets for a week or two. We found them so easy we ended up using them all the time and we bought the Milton cold water steriliser for Charlotte. A bargain compared to electric also!

3. Scratch mits

Most baby sleepsuits come with them attached to sleeves. We found the loose ones would fall off too easy anyway so we’re pretty useless.


That our list! Let us know what your must haves and don’t bothers are in the comments or go follow us on Instagram! Www.instagram.com/jade_and_girls

What nobody tells you when your due your second child

1. You will feel guilt

Yes, guilt like you’ve never known before. How can you be changing your toddlers life so much? What if they feel pushed out? What if they are jealous? Will they feel like the new baby replaces them?

I can’t count the amount of times I sat awake at night wondering how Lydia would react to the newest addition. I knew in the long run it would be great for her having a sibling to grow up with, but should we have waited a little longer? Maybe when she was old enough to ask for a brother or sister? The truth is, is there ever a right time? If I waited until she went to school would that be too much change at once? Even a year later, would that make the gap too big and they not bond so well? I grew up with an older brother, he is 20 months older than me and we grew up best friends, we have so many fun memories together and I was never lonely. Yes we argued like cat and dog most the time but that’s just part of having a sibling right and I always knew no matter what he would always be there for me and I would for him.

2. You will forget your pregnant

With my first I was religiously checking every app and website to see what size fruit my baby was and how she would be growing. I could tell you straight up how many weeks and days pregnant I was and took regular photos of my bump. Fast forward almost two year to my second pregnancy and I feared the moment someone asked how many weeks I was and I started trying to work it out without looking like I didn’t have a care in the world (I promise I actually did care). I think I took one, maybe two bump photos through my whole pregnancy, partly because I hadn’t lost all my fat from my first baby, and secondly because i honestly did not have time.

3. Labour is not always easier

Sorry, it’s a myth. My labour was not easier. Truthfully, that probably has a lot to do with the fact I was induced earlier with Charlotte so my body wasn’t fully ready. But no, Lydia’s labour was a breeze in comparison to Charlottes.

4. People don’t care (as much as the parents)

To put it bluntly. When we first had Lydia we had so many people coming round to meet her that it actually got a bit overwhelming, we had actually considered asking people not to visit in the first week while we adjusted to being a family of four this time. Well that wouldn’t have been necessary. It’s not that I mind so much, I know people are busy and particular people have valid reasons why they haven’t visited yet such as illnesses in themselves and family members and of course there are people I’ve simply lost contact with over the past two year for whatever reason, me being so busy with Mam life and others being busy in whatever they are up to. But definitely don’t have the same expectations second time around.

5. After pains

Why did no one tell me about the after pains! I thought there was a twin in there that we had never knew about and hadn’t came out during labour! My days, they hurt! Basically it’s your uterus contracting back to its regular size, first time round your muscles are tighter so can adjust back to regular size easier, but second and further pregnancies it takes a lot more work from your body. Or so google says, I’m no doctor.

6. There is no better feeling in the world

Every worry, ever stress, every pain is worth it when you bring your baby to meet your child. We have been so so so lucky beyond words that Lydia fell head over heals in love with her baby sister from the second she met her. I could never have imagined the bond that they have, even now at only 8 weeks old Charlotte adores her big sister and smiles when she comes to play with her. Lydia is amazing and adjusted to being a sister so well, she is so caring and kind and has never acted jealous in any way. These two little girls and their daddy complete me and I couldn’t imagine any other life. I am literally the luckiest girl in the world and my heart is so full.


New year goals

As it’s the time of year for reflection and goal setting I’ve been thinking about what I want from the year ahead.

I’m not one for new year, new me. I’m pretty happy with my life but there are a few things I’d like to set my mind on and by writing them down and sharing them, it might help me stick with them too!

1. Eat healthy

With motivation from my hubby booking our first sun holiday since 2013 (when I was a loooooooot slimmer) I need to stick to this one! We are off to Tenerife and I don’t want to be worrying about how I look and feeling uncomfortable instead of having an amazing time with my family. We eat way too many takeaways so it’s my mission this year to cook more meals from scratch. I’ll probably share a few on my blog along the way with a bit about my weight loss! Not sure if I’m going to stick to a particular diet or just try to be more healthy in general so if you have any tips, throw them my way!

2. Print photos

I have always been a photo lover, as far back as I can remember I always had my disposable camera with me, until I was upgraded to my parents hand me down camera! I used to love going to get the films developed and looking through photo albums. Although photos are a lot easier to take now which means we have more, i feel that the speciality of them has worn off a little and other than scrolling through my Instagram feed every now and then I rarely look back at the photos. So I’m going to make use of the free prints app and get my 45 free photos printed off each month and put them in photo albums.

3. Move to a new house

This one isn’t so much a resolution, but more a goal. We currently live in a tiny two bedroom house so it’s kind of a must. My ideal will be a three bedroom house with a dining room/large kitchen. I hate that we don’t have a dining table in our current house and even more so now Lydia is getting older and before the middle of the year Charlotte will be in a highchair too. I also have my heart set on Lydia getting into a particular nursery and school which is over subscribed each year so we need to be close to that school to try and guarantee her place.

That’s about it, other than ensuring I make tons more memories with my girls and hubby.

Wishing you all a very happy new year, feel free to share your own resolutions in the comments.

Hi, I’m new here!

New blogger Mammy on the block, I’m Jade, 25 Years old, married with two beautiful little girls.

I’m a stay-at-Home Mam and yes, I hate the stigma that comes along with that. I loved my job as a nursery nurse however when I returned after maternity leave with my eldest I could not cope being away from her. My husband and I made the decision for me to finish work and although finances have sometimes been a struggle I’m so happy and thankful that I’ve been able to spend so much time with Lydia, and now Charlotte too.

A bit about the girls

Lydia is two years old and loves Peppa Pig, dolls, swings, pretty dresses and her baby sister. She dislikes getting her hair washed, nails cut and nappy changed (potty training, here we come).

Charlotte was 8 weeks old yesterday and loves milk, cuddles and bath time. She dislikes waiting for her bottle!

That’s about it for my first post, feel free to follow us on our journey. My blog will be a bit of everything, what my girls have been up to (the good, the bad and the ugly), product reviews, days out (north east based) and anything else that crops up!